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Built from aircraft grade aluminum with a powder coat finish, no moving parts and virtually unbreakable. Only available in black. Includes stainless steel mounting hardware. If we look at the cause of low speed wandering, the low velocity of the water flowing over the drive makes the drive as a rudder ineffective at low speeds. The Wander Fin puts the rudder behind the propeller to effectively direct the thrust created by the propeller.

Now you can enjoy the no wake zone or a leisure drive down the river without having to make constant steering corrections, enjoy the scenery instead of calculating your next correction. Great for trolling, you can fish instead of steering the boat constantly.

The Wander Fin 2 twin fin design is for boats of any size and designed to correct the big boats and high current environments. Running slow into a strong oncoming current makes a wandering boat even more difficult to handle, the Wander Fin 2 will greatly reduce or completely eliminate the wander in the worst conditions. Made in the USA, patent pending.