Sam`s Airpack - Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Since 1994, Sam’s Airpack Plus, Inc. has been committed to providing our customers with quality aviation products.  We take great pride in our reputation and make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction by providing a wide variety of parts and competitive pricing.  Our outstanding performance is recognize each year by the DSCR, DSCC, and DSIC.  All parts are thoroughly inspected and carefully packaged by certified, personnel prior to shipping.  Our qualified management team closely monitors each department and employee to ensure our high standards remain consistent, that products are handled with care, delivered correctly and on-time and arrive in the same good condition they left in.   Sam’s Airpack Plus, Inc. provides our own company certification for every part we stock.   Reflected on each purchase order confirmation is the following disclaimer;



1.        The term NEW SURPLUS refers to material from manufacturers or local, state, and/or federal government agencies, and/or domestic or foreign military organizations.


2.        Parts offered may not have been certified to be used on FAA registered aircraft.  "you" (purchaser) are notified that these parts, if used or re-sold for use on civilian aircraft "you" (purchaser) will obtain or advise your customer to obtain proper certifications from a federal agency.  "you" (purchaser) agree to hold us harmless from any claim and/or suit.  The company of Sam’s Airpack Plus, Inc., certifies, to the best of our knowledge, that the material supplied on this order is in new, unused surplus condition, unless stated above in writing on this invoice, and also meets all specifications of the said purchase order.


3.        Notice to brokers: the item(s) furnished on this order were quoted to/and sold to you the "customer".  It is your responsibility to inspect, test and determine if the order is acceptable.  If these items are being re-sold to any government/military agency "you" (customer) are notified and accept the items identified as surplus. Furthermore, "you" (purchaser) guarantee that the government /military agency have been advised as to this condition.


4.       Unless otherwise noted, this sale, order or quote may include munitions list items (MLI) or commerce controlled list items (CCLI).  MLI/CCLI property is controlled by the U.S. government and in many cases cannot be transferred (exported, sold, or given) to a foreign country, a non-U.S. citizen/national or a nonpermanent U.S. resident without a valid state/commerce department export authorization.  It is the responsibility of "you" (purchaser) to determine what the applicable requirements may be and to obtain all necessary authorizations.